My Happy Family

salam u all...

 for the introduction of my blog..i wanna share wit u guys bout my happy family..hehe
Firstly,introducing my superdad..Noor Ariffin Mohd Ariff..

kacak an..hahaha

Secondly,i wanna introduce my super beautiful mom.. haha.her name is Khamsasiah Mohd Amin.. isnt her name unique?ok, below is her cute picture...                           .

cute an..haha

     Next, is my family pic during rye siblings n parents..

back: me, mira,aiman
front: fahim, ibu, babah, amir

Ok...I know it's kinda boring..haha
So...that's all bout my family...

A: Hey dude...i think they like RED colour? dont u think so?
B: Emm.. I dont know..mybe...=.=(curious)
C: Guys! r u nuts?! they dont like RED! they love it!!!haha

p/s: my dad really2 LOVE RED colour...hahaha


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